Custom Glazed Tiles

This video shows a small sample of our tile:

Twenty plus years ago I envisioned a ceramic tile that could be cut and shaped quickly, using only hand held nippers.

Visionary tiles are soft enough to easily be hand cut and their durability is comparable to wall tiles.

Each tile is hand-glazed, often multiple times allowing for a wider range of subtle, vibrant and custom colors.

Each 4¼″×4¼″ Ceramic tile is hand glazed. (variation within each 4¼″×4¼″ tile is evident.) As a result of each tile being hand glazed It is IMPORTANT to understand when you order tile there will be slight variations between tile glazed in the same batch and different batches may vary dramatically.

Tiles are glazed as ordered. An order can take up to 2-3 weeks to fill. Special accommodations can be made for mosaic emergencies.

We will ship up to 100 tiles for a Flat rate of $20.50. Please call us for shipping prices for over 100 tiles.
We wish we were Amazon but we’re not: we just lil’ potatoes.

Here are some of the tiles we offer: